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"Flying Ship" anchors above the rooftops of Linz

"Flying Ship" anchors above the rooftops of Linz

New landmark of the "Linzer Höhenrausch" mounted

Linz / Austria - At the beginning of 2018, Bilfinger VAM was commissioned to install the art object "Flying Ship" at the "Höhenrausch" in the city of Linz. This 2-ton aluminum ship was lined up with ropes at the "Höhenrausch" in April 2018 and is now perched high above the rooftops of the Upper Austrian capital of Linz for the next two years. Specialists from Bilfinger VAM have built and installed a steel mast to which the ship has been attached. Using a 500t crane, the ship was then taken to the position desired by the artist Alexander Ponomarev and moored.




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