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Engineering Assembly and Erection


Assembly and Erection

Some companies understand installation processes just as “assembling of prefabricated parts at site”. Basically this statement is not wrong, but the planning and methods of working steps can take high influence on the assembling procedures.

We from Bilfinger VAM are convinced that only an optimal planning generates the base for a successful and high-quality installation.


 Components for Assambly an Erection

  • Penstocks and piping systems
  • Steel linings
  • Bifurcations and distribution pipes
  • Hydraulic steel structures
  • Equipment assembly
  • Apparatus, vessels and tanks
  • Crane components
  • Pipe transporters
  • Movable working platforms
  • Steel structures





Range of Services


  • Feasibility studies, variant studies
  • Customer support in the pre-project phase
  • Development and designing of erection concepts
  • Installation and erection studies
  • Detail engineering for assembly
  • Various kinds of mounting devices 
  • Bill of materials
  • Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
  • Project Management
  • Static calculation by analytical methods and FEM
  • Risk assessment and hazard analysis
  • Declaration of conformity for CE marking
  • Preparation of operating and maintenance manuals
  • Pressure tests with strain measurement incl. stress analysis 
  • Surveying of existing facilities
  • Welding technology, welding process and quality assurance
  • Scheduling
  • Commissioning


Software Tools

  • ANSYS – Ansys Mechanical, CFD
  • Autodesk - AutoCad
  • Dassault Systemes – Solidworks
  • Dlubal - R-Stab
  • IBM – Probad
  • Microsoft – MS Office
  • PTC – Creo
  • PTC – Mathcad
  • rmDATA
  • SAP
  • Sigma – Rohr2
  • SSE - WinShell (AD2000)

Roland Eder

Roland Eder

Head of the business division

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