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Engineering Structural analysis and flow simulation


Structural analysis and flow simulation

Structural analysis and flow simulations are core competences in all fields of Bilfinger VAM. Due to the wide variety of projects and based on our long-term experience we offer economical solutions for customer-specific requirements. Taking advantage of our internal know-how of our own production and construction we provide practice-oriented engineering.



  • Hydraulic steel structures

  • Penstocks

  • Steel linings

  • Distribution pipes

  • Bifurcations and special parts

  • Valves

  • Equipment for construction & assembly

  • Transportation and lifting devices

  • Storage tanks

  • Pressure vessels

  • District heating tanks

  • Apparatus

  • Process vessels

  • Steel structures

  • Special machinery

  • Assessment of existing facilities

  • Complex piping systems

  • Pipework for industrial purposes


 Range of Service

  • Analytical and numerical calculations of structures made of steel or other materials

  • Determination of loads and load combinations

  • Assessment of capability and serviceability

  • Buckling analysis of components with analytical and numerical methods (buckling of beams, shells, plates or systems)

  • Fatigue analysis with analytical and numerical methods (nominal stress approach, structural hot-spot stress approach, effective notch stress approach)

  • Vibration analysis, modal analysis, earthquake

  • Calculation of water hammer

  • Static and transient thermal field Analysis

  • Analytical flow calculations (over- and underflow of hydraulic steel structures, open channel flow, pipe flow, loss calculations, fluid loads on structures)

  • computational fluid dynamics (distribution pipes, manifolds, multiphase flows, open channel flow, determination of forces on components, fluid-structure interaction)



Software Tools


  • ANSYS – Ansys Mechanical, CFD

  • Autodesk – AutoCad

  • Dassault Systemes – Solidworks

  • Dlubal – R-Stab

  • IBM – Probad

  • Microsoft – MS Office

  • PTC – MathCad

  • Sigma – Rohr2

  • SSE – WinShell (AD2000)










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Roland Eder

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