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Welding and Test Engineering

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In order to meet our customers’ needs in the best possible way, several factors have to be in perfect tune with each other. One of these factors having a decisive influence on the overall result is welding.

Welding engineering is permanently challenged by new materials, new technologies, and a constant increase in requirements. This is why Bilfinger VAM gives top priority to the training and further education of welding operators.

At the welding workshop, the welding operators are trained in the use of new techniques in a practically oriented way while existing knowledge is being consolidated; or the welders are prepared and trained for special jobs.
Also people from outside the company may take part in the training courses for welding operators. Apart from offering training and further education for welders, we are pleased to assist you with welding consulting.

Peter Krenmayr

Peter Krenmayr

Head of the business division
Welding and testing Engineering

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