Bilfinger VAM Anlagentechnik GmbH

References Nondestructive Weld Seam Testing

References Nondestructive Weld Seam Testing

Siemens VAI, Metals Technologies GmbH & Co
2007: Skoda-Steel Pilsen
Nondestructive testing of bearers
2008: Jindal HSM, Erzhong/Deyang China
Provision of a material tester level II and welding supervision

MCE Energietechnik GmbH
KW Jänschwalde
Replacement of a live steam pipe in block E+E, welding and inspection supervision

Chemserv Industrie Service GmbH
Since 2006: several shutdown works, provision of material testers

MCE Industrietechnik West GmbH
KW Ibbenbüren
Welding and inspection supervision